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No matter what level of smarts your kids are at, our only mission is to produce engaging productions and events that stimulates that innate curiosity and yearn-to-learn we all possess from birth. The early development stages and foundation building of young children has a direct effect on the adult they will grow to become. Smarter Kids Can wants to invest in our very young children. Maximizing our kids' future is very important to us and to our society as a whole. No matter what level of smarts your kids are at, Smarter Kids CAN make whatever they dream possible.

Global grade: How do U.S. students compare? How do U.S. students compare to students in other countries? It's not as bad as some say, but there is room for improvement.

The United States may be a superpower but in education we lag behind. In a recent comparison of academic performance in 57 countries, students in Finland came out on top overall. Finnish 15-year-olds did the best in science and came in second in math. Other top-performing countries were: Hong Kong, Canada, Taiwan, Estonia, Japan and Korea. Students in the United States performed near the middle of the pack. On average 16 other industrialized countries scored above the United States in science, and 23 scored above us in math. Resource: Great Schools! By Marian Wilde

James Pritchett

James Pritchett | Executive Director

James Pritchett is a Florida native and Atlantan who has had a lifelong passion for helping kids through positive messaging. With the incredible rise of smart technology, reaching them has evolved 100-fold. Most of James’ recent endeavors include smart technology. He founded Smarter Kids Can in 2017 to fulfill his mission of reaching and teaching kids early.

James studied Computer Information Systems at Georgia State University in Atlanta as his journey began. While quickly moving up the ranks at AT&T into IT/Systems management, James was exploring his creativity as designing software quickly evolved. In 1998, James joined a national trade magazine to lead their Art Department and team of designers. This is where James honed in his design and management skills before joining Brown and Caldwell Environmental Engineering firm in Atlanta. After five years with B&C, technology start-ups began knocking at the door. He answered. Since 2005, James has been working with multiple technology startups as COO and Art Director. In 2012, James launched his own technology start-up that utilized emerging QR codes. His company enjoyed such successes as developing a scanning app and installing QR code mounts in sports arenas around the country including University of Oregon’s Matthew Knight Arena and KSU in Kennesaw, Georgia. He is currently the Founder & CEO of a technology-based marketing company called Morebots which focuses on the family market.

James is an award winning designer, published author and screenwriter/producer. He is a huge golf enthusiast and has coached his son’s basketball and football teams. James lives in Vancouver, WA with his family.

James Pritchett

Jay Abramovitz | Board of Directors

Mr. Abramovitz received a BSEE from Rice University and a MSEE from Vanderbilt University. His background is diverse and fitting as we attempt to reach and teach kids about the exciting world of technology. Jay's work experience includes aerospace and flight simulation, flight weapons computers, laser birefringence, printer software, automated test, validation for semiconductor manufacturing QA for high resolution broadcast transmission and distance learning systems, development of medical pacemakers, medical monitors, medical dialysis machines, medical gait analysis for evaluation of knee recovery, and ADHD behavioral screening and diagnostic software.

Mr. Abramovitz is the President of Software Technology Group (www.SoftwareTechnology.com).